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Our platform blends technology innovation, leadership expertise, and educational neuroscience.

We do not have the luxury of time to wait for young people to postpone self-leadership growth until later in life or through decades of figuring out hard lessons alone.  We developed a more efficient, accessible, fun way for NextGen to strengthen their self-leadership alongside a full-time school/career focus. 

Pink creative megaphone and flat pink flowers roses and peonies on a pastel pink backgroun

While we are highly diverse many ways, our partners and members share the following qualities:

We each live Consequential Flowers core values: equity, interconnection, integrity, innovation, and accountability. 
We are each invested in pursuing an intentional practice to accelerate empowerment as bold, self-leaders. 
We get joy from: bringing out the best in ourselves/others and from individually/collectively creating positive impact in our world.

We cultivate our connected digital properties to be safe, protected spaces for individual members and our Consequential community to accelerate learning. There is no advertising. 

If our values and mission resonate with you, please complete our BloomRadius application.

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