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We Were Born
To Bloom BOLD

Fast track NextGen self-leader growth with responsible AI

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Consequential Flowers

We are an EdTech company rooted in our core values: equity, interconnection, innovation, integrity, and accountability.


We fuse responsible AI and machine learning technology, educational neuroscience, and leadership expertise into adaptive learning software applications. Our apps integrate our partners' existing professional development content and provide members with personalized recommendations to accelerate growth.

Self-leadership Adaptive Learning App

Our web-based application is designed to accelerate self-leadership development in the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

Partners easily integrate their text, audio, and video content during our onboarding process. Then, our proprietary recommendation engine provides personalized fun, rich learning experiences to our partner organization members. With a gamified process, we transform the act of learning into a habit.

Thrive 5IR: Recommendation Engine 

Thrive 5IR powers personalization in BloomRadius. Our AI models learn from engagement data to adapt content recommendations for each member's unique needs. 

In addition to recommending partner provided content, we include self-leadership lessons "Seeds" from our proprietary Thrive 5IR database. Our Thrive 5IR database contains an abundance of carefully cultivated leadership topics that are rarely taught in school, can be learned from life experience and are essential to thrive in the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

Advanced Data Analytics
and Insights

We provide partners with robust data visualizations and statistical analyses that equip partners with actionable insights on their collective members' use of BloomRadius. Routine insights transform our partner development programs from static initiatives into a robust and fluid process.

For individuals using BloomRadius, we provide tools that empower members to cultivate their own self-leadership growth journey. Our balanced approach upholds our commitment to data privacy. 


Take a garden tour

Explore BloomRadius adaptive learning experience in our 2-minute video.

See how we cultivate self-leadership growth through personalized AI recommendations, gamified micro-learning, and robust analytics. 


About Consequential Flowers

Rooted in the intentional cultivation of NextGen bold self-leaders

We are an inclusive digital platform with a mission to empower our organization partners with responsible AI applications that fast-track NextGen path to thrive as bold self-leaders. To achieve our mission, we partner with organizations that value innovation and offer professional development programming.

Our approach to accelerate self-leadership growth includes development of AI powered educational applications that provide a daily, habit-forming, intentional leadership practice. We concentrate on traits from our proprietary leadership model that are essential to thrive in the Fifth Industrial Revolution, can be learned through life experience, and are not taught in school.

Leadership Trends

Women Leadership Trends

Representation of women in the C-suite is improving.  With power, grace, and efficiency, women must progress faster.


Women College Enrollment


Women in the C-Suite


C-Suite Women of Color

Flower Petals
"To reach the summit, one must proceed from encampment to encampment. But before setting out for the next refuge, one must prepare those coming after to occupy the place one is leaving. Only after having prepared them can one go on up. That is why, before setting out for a new refuge, we had to go back down in order to pass on our knowledge to other seekers...”

― René Daumal, Mount Analogue

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