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Cultivate bold
self leaders in every industry

BloomRadius is a web-based app that accelerates leadership growth through AI powered personalized leadership content recommendations.

We concentrate on leadership traits not taught in school, that are essential to thrive in is digital era: The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How it works:

Our AI powered Thrive4IR recommendation engine provides members with personalized leadership topic recommendations "seeds" based on their onboarding information, app engagement, and our proprietary Thrive4IR leadership model. Our partner organizations are empowered to integrate their own program content as custom seeds that we can incorporate into their members' leadership topic recommendations.

The platform's expansive Thrive 4IR leadership topic database and tracking visualization tools accelerate leadership development.  The Garden section facilitates intentional reflection. We ensure data privacy to foster a secure, safe environment for self-discovery.



Get Started

Save the app to your home screen and select a subscription plan that suits your needs.


Discover Your Seeds

Explore a vast database to find personalized leadership topics, known as "seeds," tailored to your unique growth journey.


Reflect and Review

Revisit your planted seeds and journal notes to engage in intentional reflection, deepening your learning and practice.


Cultivate Your Growth

Track your progress and growth in a personalized manner, ensuring a rewarding self-leadership experience.

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Why utilize the app?

You were born to #BloomBOLD

 and deserve to thrive.

We do not have the luxury of time to wait for young people to postpone self leadership growth until later in life or through decades of figuring out hard lessons alone.  We developed a more efficient, beautiful, and fun method for our NextGen to strengthen their self-leadership alongside a full-time school/career focus.


We named this new method: "bloomivate".  Bloomivate means to recognize a life-lesson or self-leadership trait through experience, plant a seed in the app, and then work to deepen your learning or practice of that seed.

Empowered Members

“I just got an internship offer as a network engineer! I don't think I could have done it without BloomRadius. I had the skill and confidence to stay calm in interviews. Thank you!”

W.W. - technology major, third semester

“BloomRadius and Thrive Score helped me through my internship search by making me aware of the value that I can bring to a team-based setting. ”

C.W. - technology major, third semester

“I cannot thank you enough! I am so excited to start my career!”

M.P. - technology major, third semester 

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